Friday, August 19, 2011

Landon's Birthday Water Table

For Landon’s birthday aunt Shauna got him this really cute water table. If you don’t know Landon all that well he LOVES water. Anytime he sees water he thinks he has to touch it or play in it. We were waiting until aunt Shauna could come out to play so we could put it together. Every time we would get together we always say we are going to put it together but something always comes up and we don’t. Finally, this last weekend when I was out of town and Landon got to spend time with aunt Shauna, Grandma, and Grandpa they put it together. And he absolutely loved it just like I thought he would. I guess he played for hours and hours and didn’t want to go inside when it was time for bed. I guess he is for sure a summer baby!

When I went to pick him up he had to bring me outside and show me how it works. He even knew how to use the hose to fill it up with water. Like I said and I will probably say it again he is a smarty pants! When it was time to leave he threw a big tantrum because he didn’t want to leave his water table.

That very next morning I took him to Grandma’s again and within 10 minutes he wanted outside to play with it. I think Grandma is going to need to hide it for a couple of days!!!

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